Shanghai Style Banquet

  • Double boiled local chicken with truffle in soup

    Produced in Anhui chicken, authentic, pure taste

  • Braised sea cucumber with five kinds of corn

    The use of whole grains, choose Kanto Need Cucumber, with broth made secret.

  • Dumpling noodles with yellow fish soup

    Surface characteristics soup brewed with a special process, and serve sprinkled a little garlic or parsley, when, taste better. Its characteristics are: delicious, Tangnong, surface smooth.

  • Fenyang secret steak

    Fenyang secret steak, after the hotel special treatment, taste fresh, bright color, is one of the dishes eat a hundred tire.

  • Steamed meat ball with fish

    Crab channel catfish fish lion head through the use of traditional hand-made hotel, add fresh, fresh, taste Ruannuo, genuine, is a rare Mingyaohui.

Shanghai Style Banquet